Introducing the rebranded Remotion: Result of merger between DigiView, Remotion and Recoordinate

Group photo of strategic people working at Remotion


Introducing the rebranded Remotion: Result of merger between DigiView, Remotion and Recoordinate

Stockholm, June 7th, 2023

In a rapidly evolving landscape, where businesses are facing more complexity and competition around digitalization, technology and business agility, the “new” Remotion emerges as a partner for clients across the Nordics and beyond. Recoordinate, DigiView and Remotion are thrilled to unveil the re-branded Remotion, a dynamic consulting company that harnesses the transformative power of data and places an unwavering focus on data driven customer-centricity. 

At Remotion, we strive to set our clients in motion towards their vision, with strategic direction and leading-edge methods for business transformation and performance, fully fueled by data and insights. That’s precisely why we have brought together the best minds from DigiView, Remotion, and Recoordinate to form a powerhouse that reshapes the consulting landscape by blending tech, creativity, strategy, and agility into one.

“To combine our unique methods within Digital Lead Management, Omni-Channel Personalization, Business Agility, Performance Marketing, and Creative Performance means that we now can deliver a more integrated offering to help our customers outperform their competition. We believe that experience led growht is a given strategy in today’s digital jungle of complexity and high demands on customer experience. From improved workflows to driving growth and optimizing results both digitally and organizationally, we’ve got it all covered – straightforward and with a transparent delivery model.” – Axel Rinaldo, CEO of Remotion.

The mix of media/performance, creativity in DigiView, the marketing transformation solutions in Remotion, and the agile & customer-first mindset of Recoordinate makes Remotion emerge as the ultimate one-stop-shop for executives and CMOs in the commercial area. Our mission is to provide honest and transparent expertise that keeps businesses moving forward within Digital Lead Management, Omnichannel Personalization, Business Agility and Performance Marketing.

The newly launched Remotion and its three co-founding companies have internally undergone an agile transformation over the past 6 months. Remotion’s 50 employees now deliver within the value streams “Growth,” “Performance,” and “Agility” and are organized within the competence hubs: Management Consulting, Omni Performance & Analytics, Marketing & Project Management, Agile WoW, and Content & Creative.

Presently, Remotion operates from two locations in Stockholm: Sveavägen 59 and Parmmätargatan 7. However, Remotion’s ambition is to consolidate into a single premises in the near future. Notably, Axel Rinaldo, the former CEO of Recoordinate, has taken up the position of CEO at Remotion.



About newly launched Remotion

Remotion is a Swedish boutique consulting and agency firm based in Stockholm. The company is a comprehensive provider of consultancy services in digital business development, digital marketing, and agile transformation. The founding companies of Remotion (Recoordinate, Digiview, and Remotion) collectively generated a revenue of 111 million SEK in 2022.


About Recoordinate

Recoordinate was founded in 2010 by Anders Grahn and Axel Rinaldo. The consulting firm offers services in digital business development, agile transformations, marketing automation, and customer analysis. Recoordinate’s portfolio includes clients such as SJ, Trygg Hansa, Electrolux, and If Insurance. In 2022, Recoordinate had a revenue of 50.4 million SEK with a profit margin of 16%.


About Digiview

Digiview was founded in 2020 by Andreas Bengtsson, Felicia Holte, and Sofia Vinsa – at that time, they also became part of the Recoordinate Group. The agency provides services in digital and traditional media buying, content production, strategy, and digital analysis. Digiview’s portfolio includes clients such as PwC, Vattenfall, Filmstaden, and Office Depot. In 2022, Digiview had a revenue of 22.8 million SEK with a profit margin of 11.45%.


About Remotion

Remotion was founded in 2016 by Per Willebrand and Hannes Bünger. The consulting firm offers services in digitalization, management consulting, and omni-channel personalization. Remotion’s portfolio includes clients such as Adlibris, Easypark, Coop and Securitas. In 2022, Remotion had a revenue of 37.9 million SEK with a profit margin of 24.5%.



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