Transform your marketing strategy with a Customer Data Platform (CDP) 

CDPs are rapidly becoming a must-have for businesses of all sizes, as they offer the ability to centralize and manage customer data across all touchpoints and create personalized experiences at scale. CDPs enable you to consolidate and analyze customer data from multiple sources, such as social media, email marketing, web analytics, and more. By doing so, you can better understand your customers and their behaviors, and then use that information to create personalized experiences that improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue.  Let’s dive in and discover the power of CDPs!

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Why are CDPs important for marketers? 

There is a strong push for businesses to use data at all customer touchpoints to enhance sales, improve customer experience, and foster customer loyalty, ultimately increasing the return on investment in their marketing initiatives. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) can support these efforts by not only utilizing more data in individual channels but also by facilitating cross-channel coordination for an even greater impact. 

From a business standpoint, these are the most frequent reasons for adopting a Customer Data Platform: 

  • Expand reach through personalized communication in more channels, allowing for a targeted engagement at the right time and context 
  • Achieve scalability and efficiency through automation 
  • Boost return on investment in all channels through targeted and personalized campaigns using more data 
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the cross-channel impact and optimize results by eliminating siloed measurement and reporting. This enables continuous improvement. 

Key capabilities supported by CDPs 

A CDP offers a range of capabilities, some are business focused, while others are supporting. Generally, the business capabilities of a CDP support omnichannel personalization, while the supporting capabilities focus on IT, data, and analytics.  

Here are some key business capabilities: 

  • Expanded campaign execution across channels, such as onboarding campaigns that can now be executed on the website, mobile app, paid media, or point of sales 
  • Usage of all types of data for personalization in all channels 
  • Consolidated cross-channel campaign management 
  • Real-time engagement with customers through relevant dialogs based on their intent and behavior in any channel. 
  • Automated omnichannel measurement and reporting 

Key supporting capabilities 

While the business capabilities are visual for the users, there are a number of supporting capabilities “beneath the surface” that enable their needs. There are differences between CDPs, but these are the most common functions:

  • Integration with a wide range of data sources and ability to ingest all types of data. Easy integration with MarTech solutions and channels such as paid media, e-mail platforms, web personalization tools, call centers, etc. 
  • A single customer view and centralized repository for all customer data and identity resolution to merge different customer profiles into one, such as merging a loyalty program member profile with a mobile app login profile 
  • Real-time customer behavior tracking and activation and dynamic multi-step campaigns that allow for multiple interactions, where the response in one interaction affects future interactions. 
  • Built-in analytics such as recommendation models or lifetime value scoring. 
  • A/B testing capabilities and automated dashboards for measurement & reporting. 

How Remotion can help 

Remotion is in the for front of data-driven communication in the Nordics through innovative and leading-edge technology. Our extensive experience working with CDPs ranges from evaluations, procurements, and implementations of CDPs, as well as helping our customers optimize value driven interactions and campaigns.  

Our approach to omnichannel personalization is based on our own standardized method where we guide our clients through the process. Our method follows a five-step maturity model and has been built through the successful implementation of over 10 omnichannel projects. 


Ready to capitalize on the power of a CDP and drive growth through omnichannel personalization and marketing? Let us guide you through the CDP landscape, inspire and assist you in your omnichannel journey!

Contact Sandra, she will make sure to get back to you with a proposal for a startup meeting or an inspirational demo session! 

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